Monday Oct 31


We slept in late after our big party night. We’d all been going going going for so many days in a row, and it we are not usually half so active in our normal lives. However, the allure of the parks is far too great for to resist for too long, and we also knew the end of our trip was drawing to a close. Time to squeeze every last ounce of joy out of our remaining days! I was at once looking forward to the festivities of my birthday and also sad about it, since we’d only have a couple of days left of the trip by the time the much-anticipated birthday/Halloween party rolled around.

Hollywood Studios was on the agenda for the day, so once we all got going, we drove over there and parked near Herbie the Love Bug.

It was actual Halloween, now, and we were hoping that they might have something Halloweeny happening at DHS-- we thought maybe the Bellhops at Tower of Terror might be made up into ghosts like their counterparts at the Haunted Mansion. Stitch is a little past the cutoff to qualify as a child dressing up in the parks, but she wore her hat and cape anyway, and nobody had her change.

We stopped to watch the Pixar Play Parade on our way into the park, which is similar or identical to the one in the California Adventure park, and always a lot of fun! That’s another infectious parade tune that I find myself singing every once in a while.

We walked only as far as Starring Rolls Bakery, where we got a whole bunch of food. It was time to try all the things we’d been drooling over in everybody’s trip reports! We shared a turkey sandwich and some sushi for our real meal, and then also got bunch of baked goods to sample. We shared the fruit tart, a cinnamon roll, a strawberry pudding cup, and couldn’t help trying the famous butterfinger cupcake (it was ok. Not sure I’d ever order it again, but I’ll take a bite of someone else’s.). Stitch got a chocolate croissant, too (a rare delicacy in Alaska I guess) and couldn’t resist the little ceramic Donald pumpkin cup filled with “worms and dirt” pudding. Now we each had one of the precious little cups! The lunchy things also came with bags of chips (which I’m willing to bet didn’t get eaten), and we had to have coffee with our meal, as caffeine is about the only thing that was keeping we weary travellers going. Plus what goes better with bakery foods than coffee? Zailey of course had apple juice, not being a coffee drinker. It was an embarrassment of riches, that’s for sure. But we didn’t spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves, don’t worry! Aint no shame in our Disney treat game!

After putting a good dent in the pastries, we cleaned up and got out all the rest of our glowsticks. It was still broad daylight, but we didn’t feel like carrying around a cardboard tube of glowsticks for three more hours until dusk. We looped them all over ourselves and headed off to the Tower of Terror area, where I ran to get some FPs while the fam waited briefly by RNR. Turned out we didn’t need any of the fast passes I picked up that day. We were able to ride RNR twice in a row via the single rider line. It was a good, low-crowd day. Outside the ride, Stitch checked out the tattoo kiosk. It didn’t take her long to spot a cute airbrushed Stitch tattoo. It looked pretty neat-- the CM decked it out in a little glitter and it was really vibrant. We hung out a little waiting for it to dry, all told it took maybe half an hour from start to “okay, let’s go,” not including selection time and waiting for the guy ahead of you to finish his turn. It’s fun but don’t go for this when you’re in any kind of a hurry.

Luckily we weren’t. Next we headed to Tower of Terror to see if the CMs would be in spooky attire, but they were dressed as usual, though possibly they were feeling a bit more ghoulish than usual. I kicked my photo-taking into high gear, trying to capture every detail for posterity as we rode twice in a row.

Ursula noted that the standby time said 13 minutes and wondered if it was a Halloween joke. On one of the drops, her glow gear came loose and the people behind us caught it!

We wandered slowly away from our favorite end of the park and I took as many pics as I could of all the cute things along the way. Now, Stitch had been talking about getting her face painted for a few days, and she spotted the face painting booth with all the character-themed makeup. The Ursula design was really cool, and, though it did take some convincing, mum agreed to it. “I balked a little because she just had a $15 stitch tattoo. However Merriweather reminded me it was probably going to be her only Halloween in WDW.” And it did look amazing! Stitch wasn’t the biggest fan of the bright color of the lipstick or the glitter, since she kept getting it in her mouth. To which my response was “so? Glitter tastes good and it will make your insides sparkle, grow up!” I tried not to be too exasperated with her, but I am the biggest fan of glitter so I just don’t understand people who aren’t into it.

We wandered until we found a kiosk that served drinks, and we got pina coladas to set us right. We sat for a while and I took some meds for my sore leg, which Ursula noted was probably due to so many back to back thrill rides in a short amount of time. We ended up sitting for a while in a nice little area near the cancer ride, which is another common theme with us. There were some beautifully silky squirrels running around. I love squirrels! Ursula said that we “watched the cancer ride and saw the squirrel show,” which sums it up pretty perfectly.   

We were soon ready for more adventure, and set off to Star Tours. It was--you guessed it--a walk on, and we rode it twice! First we got an all-new sequence, and the next time we zoomed through trees on the wookie planet, “but did end up underwater getting licked by the fish again. That's okay, I like that part,” Ursula didn’t hold on to her armrests and she said that a couple of times she was literally hanging by her seatbelt, and it was too much fun! I had asked if we could be seated in the front row, also a first for us, and we had a blast!

It was dark out by the time we were done exploring a galaxy far far away, and Extra Magic Hours has started. We decided to hit up Muppets before grabbing a bite to eat. Ursula was pretty worn out and none of us really wanted to stand in the preshow area, but after I took a thousand photos, eventually we were able to  relax in our seats (and a couple of us might have had a nap ride).

We were going to give Pizza Planet a go, but it was already closed, so we headed to The Commissary. It was uninspired but edible, and we were able to hydrate with some free water which helped put the pep back in Ursula’s step. We found out later that she has some medical reasons to never let herself get dehydrated, but we were blissfully unaware of all that at this point. We were able to soldier on in

After our lackluster dinner we came upon a food cart and we each got our favorite snacks--a churro, a  pretzel and a Mickey Bar. I was disappointed in the lack of Mickey-shaped pretzels, but the regular one tasted just fine!

We walked to the Animation Courtyard and took some pics, played some games, and then Ursula sat while Stitch and I went in to get an art lesson. I think we drew Dug from Up, which I wasn’t too excited about, but you could tell the animator was so tired of teaching how to draw Mickey and Minnie. We always vote for Stitch but so far it hasn’t happened. I always beg Ursula to come draw with us, but she will never do it. I’m so curious to see what kind of drawing she would do--I’ve never seen her draw so much as a doodle! Sometimes she will sit with us as they give the lesson but usually she wanders into the dump shop and meets us there.

There were many cool things in that area! I love the concept art and took plenty of pics. I also took lots of photos of the expensive knick knacks from the store, and some of the details as we walked along, too. We had amassed quite a lot of shopping bags somehow, and knew they wouldn’t all be welcome on the rides back at our favorite end of the park. So we set Stitch up with a Turkey leg so she wouldn't be too bored while guarding our pile of bags, and Ursula and I ran off to ride Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. Then we traded off and Stitch and I went to ride RNR while Ursula guarded the bags. Stitch reported that the turkey leg wasn’t very good, as it was overly salty, a little tough and chewy, so that was kind of a disappointing snack and a waste of money. I think we all tried it and it got thrown away.

Stitch and I threw caution to the wind and rode RNR twice, since it was a total walkon, and we crossed our fingers that mum wouldn’t be too annoyed. She had relocated to the benches near ToT, and we went over there right away and rode it three times in a row! The last time through we were the only ones in the elevator. It was a perfect way to close out the night We slowly made our way out of the park and home to bed, goofing around quite a bit on the way.


Mum and Stitch laughed so hard when I photobombed a group of young people posing for a group pic. The photopass people generally take 3 shots of a group and the 7 or 8 of them had arranged themselves in a wall for their pics. As we were passing them I hovered just behind and to the side of the person on the far right and opened my mouth really big for the last shot. I don't think any of them had any idea... That is, until they get their pictures back. My family was incredulous but we were so punchy after our last night in DHS and having ridden our favorite rides so many times in a row.


I worked on homework briefly before I could go to sleep, since I’d given myself a break for my birthday and didn’t even log on to the school’s portal. Since it was just past midterms and my papers and tests were already done, however, I had a little respite before things picked back up in preparation for finals, so I decided that I didn’t need to waste the rest of my time at Disney working on projects that weren’t due until after the trip was over.

I finally crawled, exhausted, into bed, but I was excited for our next morning’s breakfast at O’Hana!