Oct 29 - Chefs de France and WS

Saturday, October 29

After all our activity yesterday we were all tired, so we slept in a bit and then did some laundry. Ursula went swimming in the quiet pool but she said it was a little too cold and kind of boring to swim all by oneself. It was still overcast and cool, but thankfully not raining.


We also got an unwelcome reminder of reality when my uncle called to let us know a friend of the family was very ill. We had so far all done very well at not looking at newspapers and the like but some reality checks can/should not be avoided. We all needed to take showers which only left us half an hour until our ADRs at Chefs de France in Epcot. This was to be my birthday celebration meal and I was very excited! Remy comes to visit the guests and we rearranged many things on our schedule to accommodate this restaurant when Remy would be there. For some reason he doesn't appear on certain days and that added a new layer of complexity to our already intricate dining/park schedule!


So we rushed to the park and raced to the restaurant, dodging drink-around-the-worlders and slow moving families, arriving only slightly late (which is very French of us, no?). They still had our reservation and seated us pretty much immediately. Ursula and had some wine (after all dear this is France!) and medicated Stitch sat silently, still very zombielike. Everything except my entree was pretty good. I got the vegetarian lasagna and it was completely bland and soggy. I love lasagna and didn't even know there was a way to make it inedible, but somehow they managed. Reheating frozen lasagna too many times perhaps? I'm usually pretty forgiving and will eat just about anything especially if I'm hungry, but I couldn't even take more than a bite or two. Of course I would never send anything back or tell the server I was unhappy with anything, so I just nibbled off of other plates and managed to make a meal for myself and hoped the server wouldn't notice. We all liked Ursula's macaroni with gruyere cheese, and helped her eat much of it. The flatbread was also good, and I think someone had the french onion soup with gruyere as well. All in all we managed to eat well enough.


Remy and his handler were delightful! He came out on a cheese and fruit plate and we were very happy to meet them both. “He was so adorable we all just melted!” Ursula was even charmed by him!


After finishing our meal we headed out into the World Showcase, one of my favorite places in WDW! We walked toward Japan where the candy sculptor was slated to be, and got spots near the front so Stitch and I could see everything really well. The woman was very sweet and made quite a few interesting candy creations. The Taiko drummers were starting their set as we wandered away from Japan, we were pleased to see they were all women.


Ursula got a Kaki-Gori (basically a snowcone) and we all shared it, it was delicious enough that I wanted my own, and though there is no evidence of this I probably got one all to myself. Ursula cracked me up by eating hers snowcone style instead of with a spoon!


We wandered through the World Showcase and took in all the sights and sounds. It was busy and cheerful, with some people doing more drinking and talking more loudly than they probably should have, but I guess that's to be expected at F&W!


We walked to China and admired the things in the gift shop there. Ursula found an ugly lucky toad with a coin in its mouth and she splurged on him. Stitch bought a few things too and the clerk very patiently hand wrote a receipt for them to have it all delivered to our room. “Other places it was a major paperwork jungle to get the shipping part accomplished,” Ursula mentioned. I looked at all the cute and interesting things, but the prices seems a little high for me, so I just poked around while they did all the buying. There are a few import shops near my house and I was sure I could find identical items for much less, if I really needed them at all.


Outside on a bench Ursula gave me a miniature Re-ment Mickey birthday cake with fun interchangeable cake decorations, as she had apparently forgotten to give it to me at lunch. I collect miniatures, and this particular brand of Japanese minis is one of my favorite makers of small items. So cute!


I hadn't had any wine at lunch so I would be able to put my all into a midterm exam I was scheduled to take online that afternoon. I sadly returned to the hotel and left my family to enjoy Epcot without me for a while. I did well on the exam, and now in retrospect I wish I'd had wine with my lunch as it probably wouldn't have mattered. Oh well!


They stayed in China long enough to get some appetizers at the quick service restaurant there. Ursula had been craving shrimp toast for a long while, but remarked that it was not as good as she remembered-- a little too greasy and no sauces to dip it in.


Evidently it was so crowded by that time (Saturday evening during Food and Wine fest!) that they had to hold hands so they wouldn't get separated as they walked over to Futureland. They were disappointed to find that most of the attractions were closing down, as it was now about 7pm, and they ended up leaving the park. They took a bus to Downtown Disney, which they said was almost as busy as Epcot.


Ursula went to World of Disney and got a few gifts for her niece and nephews, then had them sent back to the room at POR. Stitch went to the Lego store and tried to play in the loose Lego section but it was really crowded and she said she felt like she was too old. A $20 bill fell out of her pocket about this time and she was really bummed about that, as she had wanted to use it to buy some Legos! Hopefully a little kid found it and it was the best night of his or her life!

They ate a late dinner at Earl of Sandwich and picked up a sandwich for me. The two of them walked down to to dock and took a boat back to POR. The ride was chilly but pleasant, and oh so convenient to be able to sit on a quiet boat to come home instead of standing on a crowded bus!



Luckily this was only the start of my birthday celebration-- the following day was the real deal and we had some Not-So-Scary plans to help make it special!