Oct 22 - CSR and Epcot


Saturday October 22


We all slept in until 10am or so, which I think we all needed. Tempers were running high and I think being in close quarters was starting to really get to us-- I know I was guilty of snapping at Stitch when she left the water running for too long while brushing her teeth. Poor girl lives in a rainforest and has no idea what it's like living where water conservation efforts are needed. 



Night shots of our area of CSR



Stitch likes the little lions. I told her I'd buy her one as a pet, a la Veruca Salt's daddy.



The quiet pool



So pretty at night!


We wrestled the laundry into the laundry facilities for Ursula (who had volunteered to wash our clothes), then Stitch and I headed to the main pool. Ursula's plan was to read her book near the quiet pool, and our plan was to check out the main pool. We'd been there once before a million years ago, but the vegetation had all matured in the meantime and it was a whole different experience.


We walked along the path along the lake, which was absolutely gorgeous. We saw some cute ducks and birds and I wanted to take many pictures, but I only had the waterproof camera with me. I started to take a few with it anyway, but then I got an error message saying the internal memory was full. I was so confused and it made me really crabby-- we had already cleared the memory card the night before, how could it possibly be full? I didn't realize until later that it wasn't the memory card at all, but the camera's own memory (I didn't even know cameras could store images at all without the card). Someone had put the memory card back in upside down, and it wasn't able to read it, of course. Not sure who the culprit was, anymore. Could easily have been me.



The quiet pool, as viewed from the laundry area



This is the lion spitting fountain as seen in daylight









Dining area


But Stitch was still in a good mood and happy to go along without having to stop for pictures every 10 seconds, so we abandoned the effort. This also means we don't have any pics of our own of the pool area, which is a bummer. We first grabbed a snack/breakfast at the snack shack, and snarfed it up quickly as we gazed longingly at the pool. After making S go get us pool towels we set our stuff down and got in. It was a little chilly, even though it was sunny outside it was still only about 75'. We splashed around for a few minutes, then got in the hot tub.


CSR pool thanks to Passporter.com



Photo thanks to realholidayreports.com


We were both having a good time, going back and forth between the hot tub and pool a few times, when they started doing the kids activities. They call it entertainment but I call it annoying loud annoyingness. They have speakers pumping dance music over the water (which makes it really loud as water carries the noise really nicely.) The music itself I don't have a problem with--the decibel level was the problem. The games would have been fine too, except they use a mic and blast that loud annoyingness all over the pool area in between songs. So the whole time you're trying to relax you hear “All right, so grab a ring and try to get it on the stick, go ahead, toss it! You're doing great! Oh, missed, all right who's next, go ahead and throw the ring, it's all right. A litter farther, OH! Good shot, try again on the next turn, who is ready to go?” And basically a constant babble like this for the sake of annoying a pool full of people and entertaining about 5 kids. 


There wasn't any way to tune it out because it was just so freaking loud, and ruined the atmosphere for me. The one good part was when they were having a dance competition, and the two final kids dancing were really cute. One of them was totally spazzing out, flapping arms and legs around and being goofy, and the other kid had some sort of hip hop dance class skills. It was fun to watch for the 8 minutes it lasted.


Profession photograph at Disney.com


I tried to read my textbook on a lounger for a while before I gave up. We were getting hot and thirsty so we spent the last of our cash on nachos to share and drinks (not the boozy kind for me, due to lack of cash).


Eventually Mum did show up, and she was not in a great mood. Evidently it had been very boring and uncomfortably hot while waiting for laundry to finish up. Then she had gotten lost trying to find the pool while driving, and parked like half a mile away. We walked through the Ranchito section (cactus was predominant plant life) and finally found the car.


I hadn't remembered to ask her not to dry my bras and new hoodie, so she has blasted them all on high heat, effectively shrinking my expensive new Villains hoodie that I hadn't even had a chance to wear yet, and doing some structural damage to my best bra, as well as attracting a million lint balls all over the lining. I was livid! She was expecting me to be more grateful but I was so upset about the hoodie and bra I was unable to be properly thankful for doing the rest of the laundry. I ended up giving the hoodie to Stitch, and she looked really good in it which made me even more pissy.


I had a project due and a quiz to take, plus a paper to finish for school, and I worked on those projects for a while as Ursula napped. Stitch also had homework to do, but she ineffectually fussed around on the computer, played a game that was supposed to teach her about space or something, (at the desk right next to me) and didn't really get anything done. She commented a few times on the clipart that my professor had used in his lecture notes, and argued with me that computer games cured AIDS, and annoyed me in a multitude of other ways. I was very much tired of my family. So when it came time for our evening at Epcot, I had them go without me. I needed some alone time in a big way!


While they went to Epcot I texted with my friend about how annoyed I was (she agreed I needed some alone time and applauded me on keeping it together for this long) and watched a movie. I got my homework finished and felt much better after some time to myself. Introvert successfully recharged.


Mum and Stitch took the bus to Epcot, as Ursula doesn't like to drive and has terrible night vision. “Turns out we were the only passengers, almost like a deluxe limo ride,” she happily reported.



Since they had once again forgotten their passes were in my purse they stopped at guest services to have new ones issued. Ursula also forgot to put the battery back in her camera, so they don't have any pictures of their evening, except for the photopass pics they had taken. They rode Spaceship Earth and S played videogames for a while afterward. Ursula wrote “All the games for kids to play are less sophisticated than the iPhone I am typing this on. Still Stitch looks like she is enjoying herself. She's playing one game in espanol, which I suppose does make it more challenging.”


They headed over to the World Showcase, which was typically crowded for F&W fest. Luckily the food booth lines moved fast and they never had to wait long. Stitch got her first ever Mickey bar as a consolation for being unable to drink Ursula's tasty-looking frozen dragonberry cocktail. 


Jerk chicken and Dragonberry drink, thanks to eatingaroundwdw

The girls wandered to Norway and rode Maelstrom, then found some more snacks as they looked for a good place to watch Illuminations. They ended up near Germany and found a good spot, and Ursula was delighted to only have to stand for 30 minutes, including the show. I think Stitch liked it, she said the music was great when they got back home, but no comment on the visual aspects. 







They walked the rest of the loop around back to Futureworld, enjoying how pretty it all looked in the dark with the buildings lit up. Their bus arrived quickly and whisked them back home, where I was in a much better mood, and we settled in for the night.


Tomorrow is our moving day to Port Orleans, and a trip to the Magic Kingdom!