Wednesday Oct 19


Woke up and started packing for the hotel switch. We had a fair amount of grocery items but most of our merch purchases we had left in the rental's trunk. We stored our case of bottled water in the trunk and only brought a few inside to put in the fridge at a time. Still we had all our suitcases and by this time Ursula's two auxiliary giant green duffel bags were needed to help us transport everything. We had our dirty laundry pop-up hamper (complete with laundry!), plastic clothes hangers, the food and lots of misc items and the bags ended up being quite heavy. Luckily our car was not too far from the room and we just loaded everything up ourselves, no bell services necessary. 



El Centro at Coronado Springs Resort

Ursula checked out via phone (very convenient!) and we happily left All Star Music to head to Coronado Springs Resort. Stitch and I dropped Mum off at the front so she could go check in, then we parked the car and wandered inside ourselves, taking plenty of pics of course. We managed to find the store and spent a while checking it out, as it was a nice large store and there seemed to be many items we hadn't seen before even in the parks. 


Check in area, see tiny Ursula on the very right?



Nice decorative touches. I couldn't talk Stitch into sitting for me.



This guy is located in the gift shop. He had his eyes closed in every shot.



Ursula checking out all the resort paperwork next to a lovely fountain


It turns out that our room was already ready (it was early, around 10 or 11 still), we were located in the Casitas area. Following Mum's directions we took the long way around the resort, when we could have just driven a few feet in the opposite direction and gotten there much faster. Oh well, it is a beautiful resort and it was good to check everything out. The three architectural styles of the areas are very different, I think we all appreciated the lush “tropical” area we were in vs the gravelly cactusy Ranchos area. 

Mum had requested a room near the parking lot since her feet were raw hamburger and she was having a hard time walking on them. If you had seen those soles it would bring you to tears-- I'm still amazed at how long and how far she walked with feet that looked like 50 miles of bad road. 


Baby bananas in the foliage near our room!

She started off in one direction to locate the room while S and I unloaded the bags onto the nearest sidewalk. I then went and parked the car, making Stitch stand guard over our 50 bags. Once I'd parked I grabbed a rolly suitcase or two and went in the direction I'd seen Ursula go. Stitch grabbed BOTH of the giant heavy green duffels and slowly made her way into the courtyard area. 

It turned out that our room was actually off to the left, I saw Ursula disappear into a door right as I turned the corner. Tried to find Stitch but she was already yards away in the wrong end of the courtyard. Eventually I flagged her down and she slowly made her way to the room. She was irritated because she was carrying those giant heavy bags on her shoulders and I was irritated because she had to take BOTH of them instead of taking one at a time and possibly also getting a rolly suitcase. Exasperated with her teenage approach to problem solving, I went back to get more suitcases. 



Our view was this pretty courtyard area



It was bright and cheery without being garish or tacky. Very pretty!



Birds of Paradise were all in bloom!


Buildings near the special parking

Since Ursula's feet were bothering her she laid down on the bed while we fetched the bags. Seeing this, Stitch did the same and there were still bags out by the sidewalk! I was so pissed. I can't remember if I made her go get them or went to get them myself. I definitely wanted to do some sisterly ass kicking though.

The room itself was gorgeous. The dark wood contrasted with the white duvets and the bright teal accents so nicely. It was spacious and lovely. We turned on the AC immediately and started trying to utilize the free wi-fi, which had just been started in “select” resorts. Ursula and I thought Disney was a little late on the free wi-fi bandwagon (considering it's been a staple of most hotels throughout the nation for a few years now) but we were happy to be able to use it, as I had classes online I needed to check into daily, and Stitch also had homework she needed internet access for. 


I don't seem to have any pics of the room at the moment, so here's one I stole from this website
Ours was identical except for different junk.


The wi-fi wouldn't connect so I got on the phone to speak with some IT support, only to find that I could barely hear them over the staticky connection. Eventually it was decided that we needed a new phone and guest services was coming right away with a new one. I managed to get my computer online, but once our other laptop also tried to connect we ran into more troubles. There was a lot of fuss and eventually I just gave up on technology for the moment. I was in a bad mood thanks to the luggage debacle (which was not helped out by the giant PITA the phone/internet was turning out to be), still felt sick and like I might throw up, and Stitch was already passed out on the bed. Ursula had started unpacking and I just crawled into my bed (nearest the AC) and dozed. I have a hard time sleeping through noise, but I managed to lay with my eyes closed since I was exhausted. 

Then CM Wayne came by with our new phone and got it set up. Mum told him about the troubles we were having with the internet and Wayne fiddled around with both the computers and the wi-fi, got on the phone with IT at one point and eventually got it all straightened out! He was in our room for almost half an hour getting it sorted, and was just as pleasant as could be. Thank you so much to Wayne for saving our sanity! 



Stitch slept through it all however, and I did my best. I was really starting to feel terrible after all the activity of the morning. At some point during the afternoon I heard Ursula try to wake us up. When neither one of her daughters stirred, she declared “You guys are boring, I'm going to get something to eat.” She went to the food court and got lunch, but when she returned we were both still asleep. 

I think Stitch woke up before I did in the early evening, and they ordered a room service pizza. I went and had a bath to try to feel better but ended up puking my guts out for most of the evening and into the night (when the others were trying to sleep). It was a bad day for me. Luckily by morning I seemed to be 100% better, we were all well rested, and ready to head back to the parks!


Moral of the story: don't trust shady food court salads!


Next up, Epcot!