Mon Oct 17, Magic Kingdom



After sleeping in a little we finally motivated and got ready to head out to the Magic Kingdom. Since we skipped it in favor of sleeping in on our first full day in Florida, and had prohibitive ADRs scheduled each subsequent day, we hadn't made it to MK thus far. We were incredulous that we'd been in WDW so long and this was the first time we'd be there. I LOVE the MK, it feels like home. As much as I enjoy the other parks MK is my true love!


We must have had coffee and breakfast in the room before setting out, otherwise we'd have been cranky and starving before making it to the park.


We decided to give Disney transit a try and got in line for MK. While waiting I did a trade with a crowd wrangler CM for a Tinkerbell pin for my cousins. They gave me a handful of pins and a list of favorite characters and I did my best to get them pins they would like.







Display for MNSSHP



Boat from the Grand Floridian and Polynesian





We arrived at the Magic Kingdom in due course and I was thrilled. It was all done up for Halloween with autumnal decorations, so it looked very festive. The immaculately themed buildings of Main Street looked so perfect and wonderful. We were all in good spirits as we made our way up the street. We stopped in at the Main Street Confectionery and watched the bakers make giant rice krispy Mickey heads. The smell in that place was heaven! Next we went into the art store and admired the art. We headed into the crystal shop and ogled all the gorgeous shiny baubles and bits there. I saw a pretty Tinkerbell-lidded vanity bowl in there that I considered buying. I wanted to save the purchase of heavy or fragile things until the last leg of the trip so I wouldn't have to pack too much around during all the hotel switching, so I held off. I love lampwork glass though and this store is endlessly fascinating, especially if the glassworker is there making things.



Should have cropped out purple shirt girl but I'm too lazy



Was trying to get a pic of the buildings but this family showed up in the foreground of my shot. 



Gorgeous castle! But sooo many people!



I love all the buildings along Main Street!



Photopass photographer



Window of the Confectionery



Daisy the Baker





Look at the size of those Mickey head treats! 



I like the apothecary jars as displays. 



See my camera poised for pics of everything?



We got free samples of Mickey head treats!


We continued on our way, gasping at the beauty of the castle and trying to take it all in. We veered to the left just past the Crystal Palace and took the little bridge over to Liberty Square, where we quickly joined the queue for Haunted Mansion, one of our favorite rides. While waiting in the first part of the line there was this Southern family that talked the entire time. It was funny to listen to. The mom said to her son “Come on, you ain't in their family, come on over here!” and so forth. We lost track of them as we entered the new part of the queue and explored all the cool features there. We didn't have to wait very long once we reached the front, and soon we were enjoying the spooky stretching room and the stepping into our dune buggies! I liked the new features of the ride and the hitchhiking ghosts switching our heads at the end was very funny. We love this ride so much!






Photopass photogs-- they did a good job when we got our pics taken on the way out







"You have to stand there and make a face like one of the busts"






Ursula's tombstone will say the same thing-- No time off for good behavior. Esp not 3 weeks to play in Florida.



Touching the musical instruments plays a little tune




Cool old fashioned organ would actually play



Just look at the illustrations of these instruments! So cool!



Like this Sou'wester with the HM in the background






Dear sweet Leota! 



Creepy garden with phantom horses in front of the carriage.


After stopping to check out a little store we thought might have some HM merch (it didn't) we went up to Fantasyland, which was completely packed. I wanted to stop in the Mickey and the Beanstalk store so I could take some pictures of the theming. Ursula ended up getting her ears there-- she chose the pumpkin ears with glow in the dark accents. I looked at all the ears but couldn't see any that I was really in love with. I like the headbands with the cute sparkly mickey bobbles but in Disneyland a few years ago I got a headband and it hurt my head terribly. I made it through the whole trip without Disney headwear of any kind.


Going into Fantasyland "the back way"



What? 40 minutes for Small World? We'll come back later.



I love the stylings of Fantasyland, too bad it's always the most crowded



I'm just awestruck by the castle, I can't get enough of it!


Rear view of the castle



Fight the crowd to the beanstalk store!



The giant!



Mickey and the Beanstalk



Princess Minnie


Ursula's new hat being embroidered. I liked it better when a real person did it but nobody asked me.



The illustration of the Fantasyland expansion looks great!



These people just parked Grandpa over by the wall and took off. 


We decided to skip Fantasyland for the time being and head over to Tomorrowland. I picked up some Space Mountain fast passes and we went on Stitch's Great Escape. I remember this ride as Alien Encounter, which we liked. The show was cute but I got distracted by a commotion a kid was making to the side of me, he got scared enough that he had to be escorted out of the room. Poor guy. Our Stitch liked it very much, of course!


Only time I've ever seen PUSH. It was just leaving and I tried to get out of the way, but we ended up doing the dodge dance and he said "shall we dance?" before scooting away. Cute!




Stitch and Stitch!



We had to spend some time with the giant Stitch! He really wouldn't have fit in our luggage though. 

After we came out of the theater we went to Cosmic Ray's for lunch and bottomless cheese food product. I got a veggie burger which would have been inedible if not for the toppings bar. I loaded that baby up with mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and cheese as well as mayo, mustard and ketchup before filling up several cups of cheese to go with my fries and finding us a table near the lounge lizard. My burger was finished cooking long before everyone else's, but I just nibbled on fries until my family got their food and cheese and joined me down by the stage. We watched Sunny Eclipse as we ate and all thoroughly enjoyed the cheese. I didn't feel too well after we ate and I decided that the “cheese” was the problem. Too much fake cheese-like product!






Thanks mouseclubhouse

We went to the Carousel of Progress and watched the show. I don't know why I like this show so much-- I think it's because the old refrigerator is just like the one my grandparents have.


For some reason I didn't get any pics of the CoP building, which is unlike me.

I found some fun pics from Carousel of Progress for the purposes of being thorough:



Thanks Daveland




Thanks Yesterland


I grabbed some Buzz Lightyear fast passes since we were in the neighborhood. My heels were hurting so I took some painkillers. We stood in a little line for the Peoplemover and then went whipping through Tomorrowland at a faster-than-we-remembered speed. I think they might have picked up the pace of this ride since there were quite a few people in line and they were backed up.


You can see Ursula's lovely new ears  


I took a bunch of pics from the Peoplemover, they all look like this with the rails in the way







I love these palm trees, but I don't know why one tree is partially folded up?



Love this shot of the castle beyond the Tomorrowland entrance


By the time we got off it was time to use our Space Mountain fast passes, so we moseyed over. It was a blast as always, zooming through the darkness was a lot of fun. The painkillers were making me feel a little woozy and I kept losing my balance as we stood on the moving walkway after exiting the spacecraft. Weird!  



I braved taking a pic with flash since the queue was practically empty. I doubt those tiny people were terribly fussed about it.





Look at them getting loaded into the spacecraft!





Ursula's favorite land! 







"Turn around so I can get another pic." Ursula is not amused.






Neat Halloween decorations 





I love the hanging baskets, cheers to the Disney gardeners!



Cute Chip n Dale statue!



I bet that CM just hates the parade that litters streamers everywhere




We decided we were ready for Dole whips so we walked through the hub over to Adventureland. We sat down in the area right next to the Dole whip stand but realized too late we were on the cancer ride. We still enjoyed the pineapple soft serve though-- it's one of my favorite Disney treats! Stitch doesn't care much for pineapple so she got an orange and vanilla soft serve instead. She's crazy. 



We finished up and walked toward the Enchanted Tiki Room. We got there after the pre-show but before they opened the doors, so pretty much just walked right in. I don't know that we ever saw the “under new management” version with Zazu and Iago, but we like the classic version. I'm a big fan of old school Disney, and this show is absolutely old school!


We spent a lot of time like this making sure we didn't have to walk even a step out of our way. It was annoying but in the long run probably a good idea. I was willing to wander a little.








The sun was starting to set as we walked over to Pirates of the Caribbean. The line seemed to go very slowly, but we finally made it into a boat. We saw the Johnny Depp version for the first time and enjoyed it, I thought it was all very tastefully done, so I don't know what the whining was all about on the Disboards. The running theme I've noticed with people whinging about changes to rides is that the rides and shows are generally still very enjoyable, people are just so resistant to change that if Disney tries to change them, people complain that they are not as good as the original and insist that they are in every way inferior. Conversely, if Disney leaves things the way they are the attractions are “dated and boring.” There's just no pleasing everyone.





It was almost time for the Main Street Elecrical Parade, so we went and found what we thought was a good spot near the end of the parade route. We were up on the hill in front of Splash Mountain, so had a pretty good vantage point. When the parade came closer, the people at the front of the rope put their kids on their shoulders and the parade was completely blocked by the now 8 foot tall people all standing in front. This made me really upset-- the kids would have had a great view just standing there-- they were in the very front after all! Even if the parents had held the kids in their arms instead, the children would be at the same head-level as everyone else. So everybody behind these asses got a view of some kid's butt instead of being able to see anything. Stitch and I tried to stand on the horizontal support of the fence there (about 3 inches off the ground) to see better. Also there was a big collection of empty strollers at the rope taking up space-- so glad the empty strollers had a great view. I like MSEP but was so frustrated by the jerks that I wasn't really able to enjoy myself. I tried to take a few pics, knowing they wouldn't turn out very well in the darkness, since the floats are all moving. I was just so astounded by the selfishness of other people, it was quite disheartening. 

My pictures were awful so I found some for your enjoyment







Thanks Rena


Once the last float had moved into the gates we went to use our fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain. I am not sure when I grabbed those-- it had to be early in the day though because the return time was in the early afternoon. We had fun on BTM, as always. I learned last time that sitting right behind the engine was noisy and not necessarily any more fun than sitting farther back, so when we got seats near the end of the train I was very glad.




After we got off the runaway train we watched Wishes from a bridge in or near Adventure/Frontierland. We couldn't really see the castle, but we saw most of the fireworks all right. It wasn't the best spot but we didn't want to walk too far from Splash Mountain since we were headed there next. We probably had fast passes for Splash but would have gone on it anyway because it's also one of our favorite rides. We like the Song of the South theming as well as the exciting log flume. It was as awesome as we remembered! On subsequent trips I began to notice that some of the animatronics weren't working properly, but at that point on our first day at the MK everything seemed to be perfect!



Post Splash Mountain! We definitely got wet!

It was park closing time, so there was a great crowd of people heading toward the front of the park. We were staying for Extra Magic Hours, though, hurrah! We followed the crowd a bit until we hit Main Street Bakery, where we stopped for dinner and sweets. I think we had turkey sandwiches, then shared bites of a cheese danish, a brownie and a cinnamon roll. The crowd had thinned considerably by the time we were done eating, so we headed back up the hub and into Fantasyland through the castle. I love the Cinderella mosaics in there! By this time my camera's battery had died so I was relying on Ursula's camera for photos.







Even the accents around the doors were gorgeous


First we went over to Peter Pan and rode with a 5 or 10 minute wait. Love getting in the pirate ship and zooming around this ride. Always a winner! Stitch had purchased a Stitch lanyard with pins, and I spent our time waiting in line affixing the screw-on pin backs so none got lost. 




We went over to Snow White's Scary Adventure next. I enjoy this ride too, but if the rumors are true and they remove this once the Fantasyland expansion opens, it won't break my heart. I can see where once upon a time it was a neat ride, but with today's technology much of this ride seems obsolete. Especially the blacklight-glowing neon stuff. That kind of effect is more reminiscent of a lame carny ride, not Disney World! I'm happy to ride it of course, and enjoy it for what it is, but as I said, it won't break my heart if it goes the way of Mr Toad's Wild Ride.


Next we braved Dumbo, and we requested to each have our own elephant. After an embarrassing debacle in 1997 involving the three of us in one elephant (which resulted in them shutting the ride down and scooting half of us into another pachyderm), I vowed I'd never ride Dumbo again. I had to make a compromise though because I do like the flying spinny rides. As long as we each had our own Dumbo we'd be all right. No disasters occurred! I wanted to get a better view of the FLE but it was too dark to see much beyond the wall. 












Next up we went on the Pooh ride. It was all right. The best part was the bouncing as the ride car emulates Tigger. I remember we rode this ride at Disneyland but it seemed a bit different to me. The interactive queue looked neat but the line moved fast enough we didn't have much of a chance to check it out. Plus we're all a little too old for the age group the interactive stuff is intended for!


We quickly walked over to the Teacups and had a nice spin before EMH was over. Shoving all three of us into one teacup was a comedy unto itself, but we eventually all got settled. A great last ride of the night; We had gotten so much done in Fantasyland during EMH! I got some final good news of the night, I got a message from one of my best and dearest friends. She had talked her husband into coming to WDW with us in the spring! They had reservations at the Polynesian and were going deluxe all the way. It was very exciting, we were all happy thinking about showing our friends the best of Disney World!








We went back to our resort on the bus, tired but happy. I think we even got seats.



For the next day we planned on escaping Disney property and making our way to Universal for a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.