Oct 11 - Ursula and Stitch travel + tips


So we'd all been counting down forever and travel day was finally here! 

Ursula and Stitch flew out of Alaska on the 11th, and reportedly ate happy-hour half-priced appetizers for dinner at a BBQ restaurant near their Seattle hotel. At the same time I was still packing, having had a hectic week at work and very little time to get anything done until the very last minute.  



My luggage before packing (I managed to cull about 43 tank tops before I could zip them up.)


As I said we did a lot of research and brought along some things that ended up making life so much easier for us: 

  • extra cheap plastic hangers-- about $3 for 25 or so; there was never enough hangers or drawer space for us, these went to good use.
  • a pop-up hamper for dirty laundry-- about $8; kept our laundry from getting too out of control or mixed in with the dirty towels.
  • blister bandaids-- about $5 a box; our feet became very sore and we ended up buying more of these twice during our stay, but having a few to begin with was certainly a good idea.
  • dollar-store glow sticks, necklaces and stuff-- $1 for 2 necklackes or 2 sticks; these were fun to have, but we frequently forgot them at the hotel as we always left it during daylight hours. Plus somehow a bunch of connectors got lost and we had to find creative ways to attach them to our stuff with twist ties. Won't bother to bring along again, but wasn't a major regret or anything