Nov 2


I was able to begin this TR entry on the plane on the way home, but just a fair warning, it’s pretty sad!


So sad to be leaving Florida. Already missing Mum and Stitch. I can't believe this vacation we planned for so many months is already over, the time just flew by.


It will be good to be home but it's back to the grind. Back to yuppie families and buses and transporting kids around. Back to focusing on school and figuring out what to do next. All the things I put off until after the trip. The Trip. It was a doozy. Full of more good moments than bad.


And if I could go back to Florida I don't even know what I'd want to do. I'm tired. My body is exhausted. My feet hurt, back hurts, my left leg from the hip to the knee is doing some sort of spasmodic shooting pains with numbness number, unlike anything I've ever experienced. I'm stuffed to the throat with pastries, pretzels, piña coladas, bad veggie burgers, turkey sandwiches.


I'm starting to worry about money again. I saved forever for this trip, and spent it all so easily. Time to worry about the future again instead of just the present, the Disney present.


And as much as I needed some space and alone time, I miss my family. We did nothing but spend time together, barely parting for 20 minutes at a time. Separating only briefly, and very occasionally at that. It was just more fun all together. I was glad when we were all able to check in for our flights together, go through security and even have one last drink and snack before we left, them back to Alaska and me to Oregon. I didn't feel like crying then but I do now. It's all over! Our big trip and our family time is finished!  

*  *  *

Well now that I've had a little snivel and probably made my seatmate pretty uncomfortable maybe I can go on.


See? The post-Disney blues hit me hard! (and it didn’t let up for a little while after I got back, either).


It was time to go, though. We were running low on funds (or at least, I was). And in addition to being so sore and in need of a few days of uninterrupted sleep, we were getting pretty intolerant of the other guests at Disney, especially.


That morning we slept in a little bit, but couldn’t waste too much of our very last day in Florida snoozing. We packed the last of our things up and did a thorough check of the room to be sure we didn’t leave anything, said goodbye to our beautiful mansion, and then we were off to Bell Services with all our luggage. We dropped the bags off and then left to visit Animal Kingdom for the morning.


We stopped for coffee at Joffrey’s, some of the only decent brew in the entire World, and then  walked over to Expedition Everest, where we rode so many times in a row that I felt a little sick. Ursula stuck her tongue out at me on the last ride and teased me about getting motion sick when we were going backward. “I will rip that scopolamine patch right off you!” I threatened. “See how you like it!” We are nothing if not sympathetic to the plight of others!


That was great fun, but we were a bit peckish by then, so we decided on an early lunch at Flame Tree BBQ. We stopped at the bathroom on the way to Flame Tree. After I'd washed my hands there was a gaggle of unsupervised, bratty little girls all screaming over who had the most right to hog the air dryer, so as I dripped past them I flicked my wet hands at them right about face level. I just walked to the next nearest paper towel dispenser, dried off and walked out. They silently eyed me the entire way. I had reached new levels of apathy and intolerance. Yes indeed, time to go.


The fam got BBQ ribs and I had yet another turkey sandwich. I tried to smother it with BBQ sauce, hoping to liven it up a bit, but it was still not very exciting. I took as many photos as I could as we slowly left the park.


When we were driving back to the resort, the WDW signage was really getting to me. MK this way, Typhoon Lagoon that way. I just wanted to forget all about our plane tickets and follow the signs to another park and forget all about going home! We had our APs, how hard would it be to be homeless in WDW? After all, there are plenty of benches to sleep on, and the temperature wasn’t too bad even in the middle of the night. We could shower at the water parks and spend our days playing in the parks for almost an entire year until our passes expired.


We somehow made it back to Port Orleans despite the allure of throwing our real lives away and becoming Disney vagrants. At Bell Services, they chose the tiniest, thinnest old lady CM to help us load our 800 lbs of luggage into the rental car.


It wasn’t that I thought a man could do her job better (after all, I am a very strong, sturdy woman), but I really didn’t want to be trying to lift and fit all our heavy suitcases into the car with only the help of a person who looked like she was going to break in half if the wind blew too strongly. Mum stayed in the car and Stitch isn’t very strong at all so she couldn’t help us out very much either. I was annoyed that the bellhop was such a weakling and that I was doing most of the work (with a very sore back and leg). Instead of being able to muscle those bags around, she was just shoving them and crushing all our souvenirs. At one point I had to tell her to be careful because our fragile stuff was just wrapped in our shirts, not in steel strongboxes. She got an A for effort, but maybe Disney should let the frail 60 year old women work at the desk or something?


After we got all that taken care of, we drove sadly off Disney property and headed to the airport. So much for testing out the homeless at Disney plan!

See you real soon, Disney World, we’re planning on coming back for the Flower and Garden Festival in the spring!