Early Fall, 2011

3 Weeks in the World

So here we go, the Walt Disney World vacation my mother (Ursula), sister (Stitch) and I (Merriweather) have been planning for years is finally upon us!

Talk about excited! Mum has been doing research forever and was sending me interesting links and websites occasionally. Once I was done with my classes after spring term and had some extra time to do my own research I joined in, reading every pertinent post on the Disboards, a few other blogs and poring over the menu listings on Allears. Ursula and I were sending each other links back and forth just about every day-- there always seemed to be some important or interesting bit of info that one of us needed to share with the other. Since we would be in WDW for three solid weeks we needed a rather large amount of reservations and planning done 6 months out, and for the most part we did all right with that. It was a complicated trip to say the least.

I'll try to explain briefly: I now live in Oregon, while Ursula and Stitch live in Alaska (my home state as well). So when they travel out of state it always means an overnight stay in Seattle, which is pretty annoying. Even from Oregon it's a day-long plane ride to Florida with a stopover in Dallas, so tack on an extra day of traveling and you have a trip from Alaska. So when we want to go to WDW, we want to make it worth our while, so to speak, and stay a nice long time. No short, long-weekend trips for us!

Because we were staying so long we wanted to break it up a little and try out some new-to-us resorts. On our previous trips many many years ago, we had stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort, Port Orleans French Quarter, and one night at Coronado Springs Resort right after it had opened. So this time we ended up staying a handful of days at The Swan, then moving to All-Star Music for a few days. Next we moved to CSR to stay in the newly remodeled rooms, and then finished up our stay in WDW with ten days at Port Orleans Riverside.


Changing hotels was not as annoying as one might imagine-- true we had to pack everything up and go check in at a new place every few days, but we had a rental car, so we managed to be as efficient as possible. Plus it allowed us to see the different resorts and having a change of environments every few days helped keep us from getting too messy. The state of our POR room after just 10 days of shopping, digging through suitcases and piling papers and maps everywhere was shocking! I can't imagine what it would have been like after 21 days slovenly living.

Let's get started!