Back to the Teapot / by Tayja Danger

After a short break, I am finally ready to get back to my teapot. Our teaparty is scheduled for May 15, so I really have to push to bring all the components together, now!  

You can see the pink resin handle that I cast today. I did some rudimentary cleanup on it before getting back to my computer tasks, but I think it's going to work. The cast bronze objects and beadwire are all just glued in place for now.

We visited Smith Teas last week with all our in-process teapots hotglued together to give Claire, their tea master, an idea of what they would look like. She worked with us to find just the right tea to match our teapots. After I told her about my cakepot of feminine charms, she chose Lord Bergamot for me-- I was so tickled because Early Grey is my favorite! 

So now the real work begins-- cleaning up all those cast elements, tinning them with silver solder, and somehow getting them to stay in place while I solder them onto the teapot itself. I also have to get to work remaking the lid, which met an untimely demise last fall. Sure wish soldering was as easy as hot glue!